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Facts you need to know about Singapore private driving lessons

For those that are either planning to, or already embarked on your journeys to earn your driving licenses in Singapore, you must have heard of two choices available for your practical lessons. The two choice are either to learn from a private driving instructor, or learn from school driving instructor.

Personally, I took lessons with a private driving instructor and it is amazing. I would like to share more about private driving instructors and lessons in this post. Here are some facts you should know about them:

1. When you sign up for private driving lessons with a private driving instructor, you can be assured that the same instructor will be teaching you for all the lessons. Hence, you will also be using the same car for all your lessons. Not only that, you will be using the same car for your practical test as well. This is to ensure consistency in lessons and build up your proficiency in handling the car so that you will have a higher chance of passing the practical test.

2. Approach match up agencies like Sglearntodrive to get matched up with a private driving instructor. Save the time and effort looking around for the instructors yourself. Agencies like Sglearntodrive provide this service for free to learner drivers. You can check out their website here – http://sglearntodrive.com/.

3. Average number of lessons learner drivers take before practical test is 20. Some students who have experience driving will take fewer lessons. There are no fixed number of lessons learner drivers need to take before they can have a shot at the practical test. As long as you and the instructor feel that you are ready, you can go for the practical test.

4. Private driving lessons are also affordable, costing in the range of between #28 to $38 per hour, depending on the location as well as the mode of transmission.

5. Learner drivers with no driving experience prior to taking the lessons can expect to sit for the practical test in about 2 months from their first lesson. In about 2 months, learner drivers should have attended average of 20 lessons.

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