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Singapore private driving lessons versus school driving lessons

A huge question learner drivers ask themselves is whether they should go for private driving lessons or school driving lessons in Singapore?

Common values of private driving lessons are flexibility and low cost while the common values for school driving lessons are rigid and systematic curriculum. Demand for both types of driving instructors are high in Singapore. In fact, the demand is so much that both the private driving instructors and school driving instructors cannot cope with the supply of learner drivers. There is a long waiting time in between the driving lessons and before the driving practical test.

Out of both choices, I recommend learner drivers to take private driving lessons in Singapore.

First, let’s talk about cost. The cost of each private driving lesson is between $30 to $38 per hour. Compares this with the driving centers’ rates of about $45 to $60 an hour. Learner drivers can expect to save between $300 to $800 after the entire curriculum.

Second, private driving instructors often teach at a faster and more flexible pace than the driving centers’ instructors who follow a rigid curriculum. If the learner drivers learn at a faster speed, the private driving instructors will move on to teaching other driving techniques. On the other hand, as the driving centers’ instructors follow a rigid curriculum, they will repeated teach the learner drivers the same techniques for a few lessons before they move on to other techniques. It’s definitely a much slower pace.

Third, some private driving instructors are willing to pick up learner drivers at a location convenient to them. Talk about value-adding services. This is not possible for the school driving instructors as they will stick with picking up students at the driving centers.

The above three points are the main considerations learner drivers should take into account, before deciding the path to pursue.

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